10 myths about sex

It around the sex turns many myths, most of them have direct relation to which we listened and we did not verify, assuming like an absolute truth. Anyway, to increase the sexual culture we demystified the following 10 myths:

You must lose the virginity before the 18: the pass to the 18 without having lost the virginity it is difficult to take at this age. This reason leads them to live his first time with the less indicated person.

While more in the bed, more pleasure: There are some who think that if has sexual relations with threesomes or quartets, the pleasure is assured. It is not so easy, although, this type of adventures can mean a good experience, the associated dramas to have it as a constant practice is greater than the benefits.

The heterosexuals are less prone to the AIDS: Many people think about how this disease shown up first in the gay community and how gays are the most affected by it. An error that prevents to take care of us as corresponds. The group that displays greater rate of the disease growth is not the gay, but the heterosexuals.

The fidelity is not funny: Although the sexual boredom is something that we must avoid, we don't have to be guided why others say about the sexual frequency. People exaggerate generally, which makes us think whenever our situation is not optimal.

Everything is fixed in the bed: NO, Sex is not the solution to a relation that goes bad

To love is to say everything: To say it everything is not the best choice. If you think that he has exceeded weight or that he looks ugly, or that its body is not most exciting, it is not necessary to say it as honesty sample. Yes, you must be sincere with your partner, but it does not help anything if it takes to hurt the person whom it loves.

To not compare the lovers: To be with somebody, but to think in another one is a bad play, and is unjust for whom accompanies us. It controls the bad habit of compare lovers and it focuses your mind in what it happens with your new lover.

The good lovers are born, not made: That premise is wrong. Everything requires effort and dedication.

Every couple must be equal: Even the brothers who are born together are not equal, much less a couple. In the same way, the sexual pleasures are not always the same, reason why we don't have to be frustrated if we noticed that we are different.

The age influences in the good sex:It is a total myth, never is late for enjoying and also to learn. Although the sexuality is changing with the passage of the years, is certain, but it does not imply that it declines.

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